Sim16 is a baseball simulator featuring several randomly applied rule variations. All user interaction is handled by a Discord bot, and games are viewed on the linked website. Teams are created by users from lists of names, with player stats being generated using their name as a seed. Users can also start games between any two teams, create automatically-run leagues (with full player stat tracking), participate in the One Big League, and more!
(WIP) The Bouman-Shoemaker-Levy Orbital Observatory will be a massively multiplayer browser game. Players will be sharing time on the titular space telescope, managing funds and operating costs while conducting observations for various "grants". The orbital simulation is fully functional and includes generation of wireframe orbital images as well as the ground track of the satellite.
(WIP) Nixxi's Simulated Hockey League is a hockey simulator, similar to Sim16. The planned platform is currently Cohost, but this has changed in the past and almost certainly will change in the future. Individual player actions are currently functional, with offensive and defensive actions having advantage or disadvantage depending on the opposing player's action.